1-2-3 Crawl Along Monkey

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This musical monkey is the perfect playtime pal for your growing little one. From tummy time to bat-at play and crawl and chase fun, the 1-2-3 Crawl Along Monkey keeps playtime fresh and exciting as your baby grows! His friendly light-up face and silly sounds encourage your little monkey to keep moving and playing.

Where development comes into play™

Gross Motor: Little muscles get a big workout as little ones lift up to see in the mirror during tummy time or learn to crawl after the monkey.

Sensory: The monkey's bright colors, mirror, fun sounds, and rolling movements excite your baby's senses.

Curiosity & Wonder: As babies monkey around with their new pal, they'll discover that their actions can make fun lights, sounds and motions happen—a great intro to cause & effect!


  • 3 ways to play as baby grows!Tummy time: Baby can push up to look in the shiny mirror.Sit-at play: Rock the roly-poly base for fun sounds & tunes.Crawl-after: Push monkey to get him rolling & baby can chase after him!
  • Light-up face & fun sounds encourage baby to crawl
  • Large mirror for peek-a-boo play

Let's monkey around, baby!

This silly monkey pal is ready to rock and roll with fun music, lights, and sounds to encourage your baby to crawl. Just give him a push to get the crawl and chase fun started!

3 ways to play as baby grows

With the 1-2-3 Crawl Along Monkey, the fun can keep going as your little monkey keeps growing! The large discovery mirror is perfect for peek-a-boo play during tummy time. When little ones are ready to sit up and play, every rock of the roly-poly base gets the musical party started. When they're ready for crawl and chase fun, your baby can push the monkey to get him rolling—with fun sounds and lights to keep your little crawler going!

See the fun develop

Pushing up to see their sweet face in the mirror during tummy time and learning to crawl after their monkey pal helps build up your baby's muscles. Plus, your little one's developing senses will go bananas for all the bright colors, fun lights, and silly sounds!