Rattle Peek A Boo Monster

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~ Colorful beating rings and shaggy beads make funny sounds
~ Turn the little monster to see its two faces, and hear a funny click sound!
~ Soft tissue arms and legs for tactile stimulation
~ Functional connector to play when walking
~ A variety of rattle colors, textures and sounds help to attract the baby through sight, touch and hearing

Fisher-Price Rattle Peek-A-Boo Monster Turn and beat! Your child will love exploring all the sounds and textures of activity toy for sightseeing. Give a rattle to make a noise with the rings, or turn to change the monster's face (and hear a funny 'click' noise)! Where development meets fun. Sensory: A variety of vivid colors, textures and fun sounds stimulate the baby's developing senses. Coarse motor coordination: It also exercises the muscles as the baby grabs, shakes and beats the little monster. Curiosity: As the child discovers that fun sounds happen when they rock the little monster, they begin to understand about cause and effect.