About us

Square Imports LLC is a secured online store which provides all the facets to fulfill your perfect online shopping experience. Square Imports provides highly competitive and a myriad of products but at less expensive prices for our customers. Our aim is to continue selling products that are on demand at inexpensive prices. Customer Service is our number 1 priority and because we know that 89% of consumers that stop shopping online is due to bad customer service, Square Imports provides the option you deserve. Below we talk more about our commitment to deliver superb customer care relationships with you.

Square Imports provides an array of products to meet the needs of all groups of people. You can shop with us on Amazon, Amazon.ca, Walmart, Sears, Ebay, Ebay.ca, Jet, Wish and Newegg. We give you the products that are very important to you and your families all year round. Square Imports also definitely accommodates for your seasonal products at well affordable prices. With us, our customers spend less money and they receive the orders at a faster time. Our products cater for children, parents, young people and the working class.

In pursuit of our vision to maintain our high standard of customer service, Square Imports gives its customers access to several social media platforms to get in touch with 24/7 support. We aim to connect with our existing and potential customers as well as to maintain an excellent customer experience. Connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, via email and telephone. Get in touch now! 



Our team at Square Imports is led by a reputable character in that of our CEO, Anthony Rodriguez. He is passionate about excellent customer relationships and that’s all we care to deliver to you. This passion has been ignited by his valuable 10 years customer service experience in both retail and over the phone. His career as sales representative as fostered great negotiation skills which secures a strong foundation for our company. Our team is highly boosted by Anthony’s team building strengths as he worked side by side with his previous employer, learning to prioritize and finishing the job efficiently and effectively under pressure.