Magnetic Refrigerator Sticker Blackboard

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Keep Track of Everything

Have a million things to remember? Our Magnetic Refrigerator Sticker Blackboard is the answer to your grocery list dilemma!

This magnetic fridge board gives your mind the break it so needs by helping you organize chores, family events, kids’ classes, appointments, endless lists, holidays to plan, and more. Can also be used for drawing or recreational activity for your kids.

This A4 size board automatically sticks to metal surfaces. Waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth.


  • Perfect for Shopping, Grocery and Chore Lists
  • Comes Rolled Up in a Tube to Avoid Damages
  • Smooth Writing and Easy to Erase
Write down important dates, events, birthdays and chores. Order our Magnetic Refrigerator Sticker Blackboard today!