Baby Face Charades

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  • Age Range: 14 Years and Up
  • ​Baby Face Charades is the hilarious party game where you act out clues for your teammates, all while looking (and sounding) like a big baby
  • ​When it's your turn to act out a clue, strap the puppet-baby below your chin and use the attached sticks to move the baby arms while making facial expressions and sound effects -- no words allowed!
  • ​Each correctly guessed clue scores a point for your team and gets you one step closer to victory!
  • ​Baby Face Charades is the perfect party game and a great addition to family game night -- for 4 or more players ages 14 years old and up
  • ​Is it totally ridiculous, or just ridiculous enough? See for yourself -- either way, get ready to laugh!
  • ​Includes 1 Puppet-baby, 2 Sticks and 112 clue cards