Barbie Color Reveal 5 Surprises Mermaid Series Blind Package

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  • Barbie Color Reveal 5 Surprises Mermaid Series Pet Set, Blind Package
  • Each pet set comes in a shell-shaped container that's easy to open and close -what's inside Kids start the experience by opening the shell to find four bags with hidden contents
  • After opening each bag, kids will have a towel, a crown, one accessory (like a necklace), and a Color Reveal merpet, whose metallic color look is still a mystery
  • To reveal, dip the merpet into warm water and swirl it around -the water changes color with a magical effect!
  • Pull the pet figure out to see which merpet it is -each has a unique look with an adorable animal-influenced face and a mermaid tail! - Use the shell to display the cute merpet