Barbie Color Reveal Doll Set with 25 Surprises Including 2 Pets, Clothes & Accessories

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  • Age Range: 3 Years and Up
  • ​The Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver the ultimate delight with 25 surprises and lots of transformation -- kids unbox this multi-piece set to find a Color Reveal Barbie doll, 2 Color Reveal pets, 2 complete looks and 8 color-change features that include 2 long-haired wigs!
  • ​Kids can start the experience by opening the package and removing the 15 mystery bags with hidden contents -- it's easy with punch-put panels in the back!
  • ​Next free the center tube and pull the strip to remove the outer layer and reveal the metallic golden doll inside -- so cool!
  • ​Remove the doll and fill the tube with warm water, then dip the doll in and swirl her around -- the water turns golden for a magical effect! Pull out the doll to reveal her look
  • ​Each doll has a different combination of eye color, hair color, skin tone and decorated leotard -- which will you reveal?
  • ​Open the 15 mystery bags to reveal their surprises -- 2 Color Reveal pets, 2 color-change long-haired wigs, 2 outfits, 2 bags, a small sponge and additional themed accessories, like shoes and jewelry; store them in the tube after play!
  • ​Reveal the 2 pets in the same way the doll was revealed -- they will each change clear water a different color, like pink or green!
  • ​For even more transformation, dip the sponge in ice cold water and use on the color-change pieces -- 2 long-haired wigs, 2 pets, 2 accessories and Barbie doll's hair and face -- for a new look
  • ​Dress and accessorize the doll to play out stories -- each can go from day to night with popular themes like beach to party, carnival to concert and dog park to movie night!