Barbie Color Reveal Foam! Doll & Pet Friend with 25 Surprises - Sunny Watermelon-Theme

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Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver the ultimate unboxing experience -25 surprises, including a Barbie Color Reveal doll, pet friend, five repeat color-changing features, a plug-in ponytail, two watermelon-themed fashion outfits, kinetic sand, a sun umbrella, a child-sized charm bracelet with a watermelon charm and a bubble packet to make watermelon-scented foam!


  • Start the reveal experience by opening the outer layer of packaging and removing the 19 mystery bags with hidden contents. Remove the tube's outer layer of packaging, unscrewing the top and pulling out a doll covered a bright blue Color Reveal coating.
  • Simply pour the scented bubble solution into the tube with the doll and shake it until a bubbly blue foam forms, creating a colorful and magical effect!
  • Pull out the doll to reveal her look -each doll has a different combination of eye color, skin tone, molded hairstyle and fruit-themed fashion look; this set is watermelon-themed!
  • Open the mystery bags to reveal their surprises -1 pet dolphin, 2 watermelon-themed fashion outfits, a plug-in ponytail hair piece and additional sun-themed accessories like a sun umbrella, sand box and kinetic sand!
  • Find the watermelon charm that's hidden inside the kinetic sand and attach it to the included bracelet that kids can wear!
  • Dip the blue sponge in ice-cold water to apply the color-change features -change Barbie doll's lips and eyeshadow, swimsuit design, ponytail hair extension, pet dolphin and duffle bag!