Barbie Color Reveal Surprise Party Set

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  • With more than 50 surprises in 1 package, the Barbie Color Reveal Holiday Set delivers all kinds of delight -kids will love the double-sided unboxing game and playmat, dance party-themed pieces, and Color Reveal Barbie and Chelsea dolls and 2 pets!
  • Open the set and play the unboxing game to find 21 mystery boxes hiding Barbie and Chelsea dolls covered in metallic confetti star print, a pink metallic kitten, a purple metallic puppy, hairpieces, fashion accessories, and party props like a Barbie-branded disco ball!
  • To reveal the dolls and pets, fill the tube with warm water, place each confetti-covered doll and metallic pet inside (one at a time) and swirl them around -the water changes to a festive, shimmery magical scene!
  • Find the star-shaped sponge and use ice-cold water to transform the look of Barbie doll's lips and hair, Chelsea doll's hair, both pets, and the punch bowl; change back with warm water -repeat over and over again!
  • The packaging is part of the fun -punch out the package pieces and fold them to create speakers, a DJ booth, party props, a puzzle, and more!
  • Flip the board game over and set up the surprise party scene on the playmat with the accessories and packaging pieces so Barbie and Chelsea dolls can sing and dance the night away!
  • With so many pieces and a fun party theme, this Color Reveal Surprise Party set makes a great gift for kids 3 to 9 years old, who will find so many ways to play!