Barbie Cooking & Baking Pizza Making Chef Doll & Play Set

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Barbie pizza chef doll is ready to cook up fun with a pizza shop play set, three colors of dough and accessories that let kids make their own doll-sized pizzas! Young foodies can press the dough, add "sauce" and "cheese," then slice and serve - once they've collected payment at the register, of course! A sliding conveyor belt keeps the food and imaginations moving on this pizza maker. Start with the beige dough and the tomato-colored dough: use the pizza press to flatten a pizza crust and sauce on the conveyor pan. Slide the belt lever and the pizza along until it rests under the cheese grater. Add "cheese" using the white dough: press into the shredder and once the grater is locked into position, turn the hand crank to sprinkle the topping onto the pizza. Then move the lever again and slide the pizza into the oven with its fiery backdrop. When you think it's done, use the pizza slider to move the pizza onto its pan and cut it up with the pizza slicer. Serve a slice up on a plate (there are two) or place it in the pizza box for take-out. Three drink selections - that fit on Barbie doll's hand - are extra-fun ingredients for play. Store leftovers in the mini fridge below the counter; a shelf under the belt adds additional storage space. Barbie pizza chef doll is ready to serve up her best pizza wearing a pizza-themed white top, a pink and white checked skirt, a green apron, pink shoes and a pink cap. With so many fun features and pieces, this pizza shop play set offers all-day play and a world of exploration because with Barbie, you can be anything! Includes Barbie doll wearing pizza chef fashion and accessories, pizza shop with stations and working features, three colors of dough and themed pieces that include utensils and a register. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.Barbie Cooking & Baking Pizza Making Chef Doll & Accessory Playset, Brunette:Age Range: 3 Years and UpCook up fun with a pizza play set that comes with Barbie doll, an oven with creative working features and all the ingredients to make, "bake" and serve pizza, including 3 different colors of dough!Use the included dough -white, beige and red -to create pizzas in a few, easy steps: place the beige and red dough into the pizza press and flatten for the pizza crust and sauce; move it along the conveyor belt by sliding the lever to the next station; fill the toppings shredder with white dough and turn the hand crank to sprinkle "cheese" onto the pizza; then slide the lever again to move the pizza into the oven!When it's "baked" long enough, slide it out with the pizza slider and cut it up with the slicer!Use the spatula to serve slices on the two green plates or send the whole pie out in a pizza box!Take orders and payment at the register that sits on the counter under the menuStore accessories in the shelf below the conveyor belt or the mini-fridge below the counter -the door opens and closes!Play out all kinds of stories with Barbie doll dressed as a pizza chef with a pizza decal on her shirt and a classic pink and white check print on her skirt. A pair of pink shoes, a pink cap and a green apron complete the lookYoung foodies will love baking up stories, exploring cooking careers and playing out their dreams because with Barbie, you can be anything!


  • ​Pizza-Making Fun with Barbie® Doll!

    Barbie® knows anything is possible! She's not afraid to take on a challenge and to achieve her dreams. Barbie® pizza chef doll aims to be the best pizza maker in town, and young imaginations can help her with this creative play set -- it has so many fun, working features to inspire storytelling! A working conveyor belt takes a pizza through pizza-making steps starting with the dough press, through the topping shredder and into oven. There's also counter space for the register and menu as well as a mini-fridge and storage shelf below the pizza stations. Making your own pizzas is easy!
  • ​Easy-to-Use Mechanisms Inspire Creativity!

    The pizza chef set includes three different colors of dough for realistic pies. Start with the beige and red and flatten into the pizza press onto the conveyor pan. Then use the lever to move the pizza into the next station -- the topping shredder. Fill the shredder with the red or white dough and crank the handle to "grate" onto the pizza for cheese. Then slide the pizza again straight into the oven. A cool fiery backdrop adds to the fun. When it's done, slide it out and onto the silvery pan using the pink pizza slider; slice with the pizza slicer. Mmmmm -- it looks so delicious, you'll wish you could eat it!
  • ​Cook Up Fun with All-Day Play!

    Young foodies can play out an order from start to finish over and over again. Themed accessories include all of the ingredients for storytelling inspiration -- from order-taking to order delivery. A counter area has space for the register to sit below a framed menu. The mini-fridge below this space is perfect for holding drinks -- the door really opens and closes. And a shelf below the pizza stations holds more accessories, like two plates, a pizza box and a serving spatula. There are even hooks to store the pizza slider and slicer. Barbie® pizza chef doll is ready to throw dough (and collect it) wearing a pizzeria look with signature style: her dress' white top has a pizza decal, and the skirt is pink and white checked. A green apron and pink cap are classic accessories, and pink shoes offer signature style.
  • ​Be Anything with Barbie®!

    Kids will love expressing their creativity and telling stories with Barbie® pizza chef doll and her oven play set. There are so many meals and memories to make. Young minds can explore their dreams and the world around them because you can be anything with Barbie®. Collect other Barbie® dolls and accessories to expand the possibilities for play and exploration even more!