Bloxels Star Wars Build Your Own Video Game

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Build your own Star Wars video games with Bloxels Star Wars! This innovative platform makes video game creation easy! Watch your game world come to life as you lay out, design and configure your own Star Wars story using iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Greedo, and Chewbacca! The physical pieces in the Bloxels Star Wars game set work with the Bloxels Star Wars app to digitize your creations, put them on-screen and make them playable. Use the 13 x 13 Gameboard and colored blocks to design a room, use iconic Star Wars art for game elements and bring your heroes and villains to life. When creating game rooms, each color in your design represents a different element, like terrain, water or a hazard. Once you have finished adding blocks, snap a picture with the "in-app camera" to digitize your creation. Go from blocks to "Bloxels" instantly! In Story Mode, you can embrace the harmony of the Light Side or choose the power of the Dark Side as you play missions with iconic Star Wars characters. Missions highlight the unique abilities of each character and setting, inspiring players to create their own stories in Game Creator mode. Missions take place on Mos Eisley, Hoth, Jabba's Palace, the Ewok's Village, and the Death Star. Each mission has a set character. In Game Creator, you create, play, and customize. The process of building the game is easy to follow, with instructions and tutorials to help beginners. Once you create your video game, you can share it so that other Star Wars Bloxels players can see and play your creation! The most creative stories and challenging levels will be featured for all to play in the game (players must have a Bloxels account to share games-- parental consent required). The community of 13-bit builders can explore each other's gaming worlds, explore games, liking, and sharing!

Bloxels Star Wars:

  • Age Range: 4 Years and Up
  • Hands-on game development using the Bloxels video game creation platform!
  • Build your video games with a mix of physical and digital tools that include designs to help get you started creating your first game
  • Unlock favorite Star Wars characters and locations in Story Mode!
  • Share your game with a community and explore other's gaming worlds, too