Cave Club Slate Doll Prehistoric Fashion with Dinosaur Pet

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Cave Club Slate Doll (8 - 10-Inch) Prehistoric Fashion Doll with Dinosaur Pet :

  • Age Range: 4 Years and Up
  • Meet the Cave Club -- a prehistoric group of fearless friends who are way ahead of their time!
  • The world’s first artist, Slate has the amazing ability to draw and paint!
  • Cave Club Slate doll rocks a neon-bright tunic with a paint splatter print and tiger-striped shorts
  • Includes his prehistoric pet friend Taggy, plus a comb accessory and painting tools -- clip the pallet to his wrist so he can tag on the go
  • with bendable elbows, wrists and knees, kids can help Slate doll go on mammoth adventures or befriend a dinosaur!
  • Transport imaginations to the dawn of time with Cave Club dolls and toys! Kids ages 4 years old and up can collect them all to complete the club