DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl & Mission Vehicle Playset

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Batgirl action figure is ready to ride into action with her headquarters on wheels! With so many cool features and gadgets, this transforming vehicle showcases the tech genius' skills and abilities. When a mission comes in, Batgirl action figure can hop into the driver's seat and take off in the van. Its wheels roll, and its design is signature Batgirl -- cool purple with blue accents and a yellow bat-shaped symbol on the side. When it's time to set up headquarters, park, flip down the back and open the side up to set up two stories of mission fun. The driver's seat becomes a cockpit that can swing around to face the passenger seat for a two-person briefing before the information screens (other action figures sold separately). The roof hides mission gear for Batgirl action figure that includes body armor, gauntlets, a bat-shaped mask and bat-shaped wings -- simply snap the pieces on over her signature Super Hero suit to head into adventure. And the back reveals a net launcher, perfect for nabbing your villain! Simply load the net projectile and push the button to launch. Then close up and roll on to the next mission to play out all kinds of adventures and unleash your inner hero. Includes Batgirl action figure and transforming vehicle with second outfit and net launcher. Colors and decorations may vary. 

DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl & Mission Vehicle Playset:

  • Age Range: 6Y+
  • Get ready to ride into action with Batgirl action figure and her headquarters on wheels!
  • The cool van opens to reveal a two-story mission headquarters with hidden mission gear for Batgirl action figure and a secret net launcher!
  • Simply lift up the side and flip down the back to transform from a rolling vehicle into a stationary play set!
  • The driver's seat becomes a cockpit and swivels to face the passenger seat for two-person briefings in front of the information displays (other action figures sold separately)
  • The roof becomes a second story where Batgirl action figure's mission gear is secretly stored. Snap on her body armor, gauntlets, bat-shaped mask and bat-shaped wings to head into action! Batgirl action figure wears her signature look in blue and gray with yellow bat symbol and accessories
  • The back holds the net launcher. Load the net projectile and push the button to capture your villain!
  • Fold up and ride to the next adventure -- the vehicle is ultra-cool with its rolling wheels, purple and blue color scheme and yellow bat-shaped symbol
  • Recreate scenes from the series or let your imagination ride into new Super Hero adventures and find your own inner hero!
  • ​Take on Any Mission with Batgirl™ Doll and Her Headquarters on Wheels!

    Batgirl™ doll is ready to save the day when the next call comes -- she's got an amazing van that doubles as her headquarters on wheels. The two-in-one van is ultra-cool designed in purple and silver colors with yellow bat-shaped symbols and big black wheels that really roll. Push to reach the next mission, then flip up the side to set up a two-story headquarters!
  • ​Vehicle Transforms into Play Set with Hidden Surprises!

    The driver's seat swivels to become the cockpit where Batgirl™ doll can gather and share information. The passenger seat allows team members to talk, and a large information screen shows mission information. When you've zeroed in on your villain, open the back to reveal the hidden net launcher. Hit the button and send the net projectile out to nab your foe and save the day!
  • ​Batgirl™ Mission Gear Stored in Roof

    Batgirl™ doll is ready for anything -- the 6-inch doll wears her signature outfit and has extra mission gear hidden in the roof. When flipped open, the roof reveals a closet with body armor, gauntlets, a bat-shaped mask and bat-shaped wings. The pieces snap over her signature blue and black Super Hero suit, with its tall golden boots, for added protection and storytelling fun.
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