Disney Minnie, Pop Superstar Minnie

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How would your child like to be a Happy Helper and get Minnie prepared for her big pop star concert? Well of course they would! Your child can help Minnie get ready for the show by pressing the star on her shoe. The top of Minnie's dress lights up and she begins to dance as her skirt sways and she spins 360 degree for a true Pop Superstar performance. Minnie sings one of her special songs from the hit Disney Junior series, Minnie's Happy Helpers, as well as two original songs as she encourages your child to sing and dance along. Minnie and your child have helped save the day on another Happy Helpers mission with Pop Superstar Minnie! 

Disney Minnie Mouse Pop Superstar Minnie:

  • Age Range: 2 Years and Up
  • Press the star on Minnie's shoe for lights & sounds!
  • 20+ sounds & phrases
  • Sings a song from the show & 2 original songs
  • Twirls & dances!
  • Spins in a full 360 degree circle
  • Skirt sways from side to side
  • High & Low volume switch