Fisher-Price DoodlePro, Slim (Purple)

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​Doodle, stamp, erase, repeat!

With four magnetic shape stampers and an easy-to-grasp stylus pen, your preschooler can draw all sorts of inventive creations on their Doodle Pro Super Stamper—without all the mess of other art supplies! And when they’re done creating one masterpiece, they can easily slide the eraser across the bottom to magically clear the slate and start fresh!

​Artsy fun for your little one!

​The portable, mess-free Doodle Pro gives kids the perfect space to express themselves creatively. They’ll love drawing from their own little worlds and bringing their creations to life on the pad, which they can 'magically' erase to start all over again with a new creation. And as kids work on holding the pen and practicing their pre-writing skills, they’ll give their fine motor skills a great workout!