Imaginext Jurassic World, Dinosaur Hauler Playset

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Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Dinosaur Hauler

Dinosaurs from Jurassic World are on the loose! The Asset Containment Unit (ACU) races into action with the fully loaded dinosaur hauler. A slight turn of the Power Pad lowers the ramp, and a full turn ejects the cage. With Blue the raptor in sight, launch the net projectile to catch her and haul her into the cage. But be careful—one wrong step and the agent could fall in, too. Fisher-Price Imaginext Imagine What’s Next.

Catch her if you can

The Asset Containment Unit jumps into action, chasing after Blue in the Dinosaur Hauler. With Blue in sight, press the button on the launcher to fire the net and capture her. Gotcha! Turn the Power Pad midway to lower the ramp and then complete the turn on the Power Pad to eject the cage. Now the ACU agent can take Blue back to her pen. Crisis averted!

Imagine What's Next

Young adventure seekers will love recreating their favorite moments from the Jurassic World films—and creating new ones of their own—with this awesome Fisher-Price Imaginext vehicle and dinosaur set. As their imaginations start to soar, kids become fascinated with themes that let them build on something familiar, taking the adventure to new levels with their own creative touches.