Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark

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Ship, ahoy? No. ..make that shark, ahoy!

Young first mates are used to battling other pirate ships on the high seas. But the Imaginext Mega Mouth Shark is a whole different animal, providing ferocious mouth-chomping action, a harpoon-launching cannon and a shark pirate figure to steer the adventures. Kids will dive deep into their imaginations to create exciting, see-worthy battles for this dangerous beast and his captain.

New adventures are waiting at every turn!

The Imaginext Power Pad brings the Mega Mouth Shark – and the action – to life! Press the Power Pad to unleash the shark’s mighty bite and devour your enemies. Still more coming? Turn the Power Pad to fire harpoons from the cannon to send attackers to Davy Jones’ locker! 'Take that, you pirate scum!' You’ll soon hear your child creating stories and dialogue that will keep the role play fun afloat for hours! Imaginext. ..Turn on Adventure!