Kamigami Terrix Robot

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  • Kamigami is a build-it-yourself robot platform using foldable plastic material.  It is the perfect STEM toy because it makes building your own robot easy, yet rewarding – no engineering degree or tools required!  Designed after nature's fastest critters, they magically fold up from a flat sheet & zoom over almost any terrain, even outside.  Download the free app from your favorite app store to drive your Kamigami robot, battle with friends, play interactive games, or, best of all, design and program your robot's reactions, games and movements.  The visual programming interface makes it easy to blink lights, play sounds and maneuver around obstacles.  The app will continually offer new updates and game suggestions, so there's no room to get bored.  Kamigami robots are light as a feather and quick as a bug!

    • Kamigami makes robot engineering fun and easy
    • Build your robot by folding lightweight, flat sheets of plastic
    • Program your robot with easy-to-use interface that puts you in control
    • Play with your robot by driving, racing and battling using the free app
    • Teach your Kamigami new tricks and games



    Easily fold and snap the flat sheets of durable plastic into your very own Kamigami Robot. Follow the step-by-step instructions within the Kamigami Controller app. Assembly takes less than 1 hour with no tools required.

    The easy-to-use programming interface allows you to design your robot's unique movements and reactions. You define how your robot interacts with you, its environment, and other Kamigami Robots.
  • ​PLAY

    Use the app to drive, race, or dance your Kamigami robot. Battle with 2 or more robots, stun your opponents in a game of Freeze Tag or slam into each other in a game of Sumo. You can even use the programming feature in the app to create your own movements and dances.
  • ​STEM Made Fun

    With Kamigami, kids can learn about robotics engineering, and most importantly have fun! The easy-to-use programming interface teaches coding logic and lets you design your own actions. With an easy entry point, but high potential for creativity, anyone can jump in and play without prior building or programming skills.