Little People Disney Princess, Magical Wand Palace Doll

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Wand Brings Palace to Life with Sounds, Phrases, Lights & Music

Little People. Big Discoveries.

A shake of the magic wand brings the Disney Princess Magical Wand Palace to life with colorful lights, magical sounds, and fun phrases. This interactive playset recognizes all of your child's favorite Disney Princesses! Just place Disney Princesses Cinderella and Rapunzel on the magical spot to see the palace light up and to hear familiar phrases and magical sounds. Kids will love pressing the heart button on the magic wand to activate the lights and sounds, and going from room to room with the princesses to recreate some of their favorite moments from the Disney films.

A Wave of the Wand Brings the Magic to Life

Magical adventures await your little Disney Princess fan with the Magical Wand Palace by Little People. Shake the magic wand (or press the heart button) to see the palace come alive with lights and sounds. Little ones will have blast recreating some of their favorite Disney stories—and making new ones of their own.


Magical Adventures Await

Kids will love living out their Disney Princess dreams with this interactive Little People play set. When they bring their favorite Disney Princess characters to the palace, it recognizes each character and responds with familiar phrases and fun sounds! Go for a spin around the dance floor with Disney Princess Cinderella, too—just like in the story! Collect all the Disney Princess characters for even more magical fun! (Additional figures sold separately and subject to availability).

Little Things that Make a Big Difference

Where Development Comes into Play

As little ones play with their favorite Disney Princess characters, important skills are developing. All the hands-on activities help give their finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination a fun workout. And, as kids discover how to activate the magical lights and sounds by shaking the wand or pressing buttons, they see that their actions can make fun things happen (hello, cause & effect!). It’s a great first step in fostering their thinking skills and building their confidence.

The Dance Floor

Spin characters on the dance floor to activate more fun lights, music, sounds & phrases.

There's so much to do

Young Disney Princess fans will have a ball exploring all the fun and excitement in this interactive Little People playset. Collect all their favorite Disney Princess characters and bring them to the Disney Princess Magical Wand Palace by Little People for more interactive fun! (Additional figures sold separately and subject to availability.)