Little People Surprise & Sounds Home (African American Version)

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Welcome to the Little People Surprise & Sounds Home. Its one busy, happy home - and it's filled from floor to ceiling with great learning and fine motor activities for your toddler! the day starts when you press the alarm clock to flip Tessa out of bed and hear fun sounds like Rrring! and Time to get out of bed, sleepyhead! Slide the bluebird to see the kitty pop up in the window on one side - and what the weathers like on the other. Lift the toilet lid to hear it flush (whoosh!) and activate other silly sounds and phrases. Open the oven and refrigerator doors to see the lights go on and hear fun phrases. Press the music player for 4 fun songs - feel free to dance along! and when its time for bed, put Mom, Dad and Tessa in their beds, close up the house (everything stores inside) and say goodnight until next time! with the Little People Surprise & Sounds Home, you can bring all the fun, sounds and joy of a real home right to your house. Or grab the handle and take it with you on the go! Where development comes into play, Fine Motor: as little hands grasp and move the figures and interact with the house, fine motor skills like dexterity and hand-eye coordination are being fostered. Curiosity & Discovery: as toddlers discover how to activate the lights, sounds & phrases, they see that their actions can make fun things happen - a great intro to cause & effect! Imagination & Creativity: Creating stories with their Little People family helps little ones develop strong imaginations.

Little People Surprise & Sounds Home:

  • Age Range: 1 - 5Y
  • Welcome home - open & close the front door!
  • 50+ sounds, songs & phrases!
  • Press on the alarm clock to flip Tessa right out of bed & hear fun sounds!
  • Open the oven & refrigerator doors for lights & phrases
  • Lift the toilet seat for flushing & other silly sounds
  • Press the music player to activate fun songs!
  • Slide the bird back & forth to play peek-a-boo with the kitty - or get a weather report!
  • Opens up for all-around play
  • Everything stores inside - just grab the handle for take-along play