Loving Family SUV

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Road trip! the whole Loving Family gang gets rolling (along with kids imaginations) in this stylish SUV. and when kids roll it along, theyll hear revving sounds! Theres room for six, with three doors that open and close and a sunroof that makes it easy for little hands to place the figures inside. (Figures sold separately.) So flip down the tailgate, throw in the bags, press the radio button to hear a fun song, and its off to a fun Loving Family vacation! 

Fisher-Price Loving Family SUV:

  • Age Range:
  • Roll SUV along to hear revving sounds!
  • Press radio button on dashboard to hear a fun tune!
  • Three doors open and close, tailgate flips up
  • Three rows of seating--3rd row flips up
  • Requires 3AA batteries.