Minecraft Steve With Torch Figure

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Light is an important part of Minecraft, and now you can have your favorite Minecraft characters (sold separately) in our five-inch scale and with super cool light up features! Torches are crucial items to have in Minecraft, so Alex figure with Torch is well equipped to keep mobs away and survive the night! Press her back and watch the redstone torch light up. An electrified Creeper is created when lightning strikes, and this Electrified Creeper appears to burn from the inside! These game-authentic, interactive figures will give kids hours and hours of inventive Minecraft fun. Great gifts for Minecraft users and fans! Colors and decorations may vary. 

Minecraft Torch-sparking Steve Light-up Figure:

  • Age Range: 6 Years and Up
  • Cool Minecraft five-inch figures (sold separately) come with light up features!
  • Alex with Torch can survive the night as she fends off mobs with her redstone torch
  • Electrified Creeper appears to burn from the inside!
  • Hours and hours of inventive fun for members of the Minecraft community
  • Game authentic characters are interactive and great gifts for Minecraft lovers