Dummy Dome CCTV Security Home Camera with LED

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It's not a real CCTV camera,but its realistic appearance makes this fake camera looks like an actual operating security camera
Help decreasing and eliminating criminal activities, e.g. theft, robbery, break-ins, shoplifting by intimidating the criminals, giving them the illusion that they are being watched and recorded. 
Help frightening and deterring thieves or criminalwithout the high cost of installing and maintaining a real system
Suitable to apply to home, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, parking, library, office, warehouse, plant, bazaars, parks ,stadiums ,residential area, etc
Install one or several fake CCTV cameras, can be effective to frighten and deter thieves or robbery!
Also can work with the real CCTV camera, it is effective without the high cost of installing and maintaining many real system
Realistic Appearance
No Wiring Needed
Powered by 2 x AA batteries(not included)
Size:11.7 x 11.7 x 7cm
1 x Fake CCTV Security Camera
2 x Retaining ScrEW