Power Wheels 6-Volt Rechargeable Replacement Battery

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This replacement battery is for use with a Power Wheels 6-Volt 9.5 Amp/Hr vehicle. Be sure to read the enclosed instruction booklet for important safety information before installation and use.

Power Wheels 6-Volt Replacement Battery:

  • Age Range: Development Statement
  • For use with a Power Wheels vehicle that requires a 6V, 9.5 Ah lead acid battery
  • This product does not include a charger. Please use the charger that was included with your Power Wheels vehicle to charge the battery
  • Before first time use, you must charge the battery at least 18 hours (but no more than 30 hours)
  • Always recharge for at least 14 hours (but no more than 30 hours)
  • IMPORTANT: Prevent premature battery failure! Fully charge battery before storage