Wireless E27 Bluetooth LED Stereo Audio Speaker RGB Color Warm White Bulb Music Lamp

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1. If the remote control doesn't work, please replace the battery.
2.This bulb is a button placement conbination of upper and down, it can be opened properly, not the product damage.
3.This is our latest technology product, you don t need to download any apps. Only connect your phone bluetooth, and then use your phone to control the bulb music.

The steps to use
A: music playback operation
1.. Power up the LED light bulb bluetooth.
2. Open the phone Settings Menu -- Turn on the bluetooth -- Search the bluetooth to match.
3. The light bulb will produce sounds after the successful bluetooth pairing, and then open the phone music software to play music.

B: the LED light bulb color control
1. Remove the small insulation film which on the remote control battery. Check whether the remote control is electrified. Keep the remote control electrify.Make sure it is able to work normally.
There was no battery with the remote control in the original product, but for the convenience of customers to buy, a sample is supplied. (If the battery has no power for the long shipping time, please buy a new one by yourself.)
2. Let the remote control aim the position of bulb light upper, and do the color adjustment.
3. To close the electric light, the music function is still for normal use..

Wireless Bluetooth connection
Adjustable volume of light and music
Bright light, comparable to a 50 Watts halogen bulb
Material: Rubber+metal
Shell Color: Warm White
Size: 100mm x 140mm
Power: LED really 6W White +3W RGB Lighting
Speaker: really 3 W (Bluetooth V3.0)
Interface: E27
The light color: RGB 16 color with the remote control
Amplifier: Class D
Signal Input: Bluetooth. (2. 4G Bluetooth Transmission)
Bluetooth Transmission Distance: 5-10 meters
Bluetooth Connection Password: no
Signal Output: 135Hz- 15Kz
Working Temperature: -40~ 80 degree
Working Voltage: AC100V~240V/50Hz~60Hz

Package Include:
1 x LED lamp (with Bluetooth speaker)
1 x Remote controller (CR2025 battery)
1 x specification