WWE Royal Rumble Ring Breaker Game

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WWE Royal Rumble Ring Breaker Game is an anticipation-filled game of strategy and will entertain all fans of the WWE Universe. Eliminate your favorite (or most feared) WWE superstars out of the royal rumble. Opponents take turns tapping our WWE Superstar tiles while trying not to break the ring and keep the WWE Championship belt from falling. As the game goes on, picking the correct WWE Superstar tile to tap our becomes crucial, with the objective being to leave your opponents to take on the more dangerous WWE Superstars (and there tiles). If you break the ring and cause the WWE Championship Belt to drop, you are eliminated from the Game. The Board is setup again, with the remaining players continuing play until there is one winner! Loads of fun and perfect for the entire family!
  • Package Includes: Ring, Tiles, Stickers, WWE Belt Figure, Breakers, Stickers
  • Players need to knock out the tiles, without letting the WWE ring down.
  • Stickers are included to label each tile, each sticker will represent an WWE figure.